Laura Delizonna, PhD is a Stanford University instructor, international speaker, author, and executive coach with an expertise in optimal performance, team effectiveness, inspirational leadership, and thriving in life. She delivers practical, science-based trainings and inspiring keynotes. Laura has presented to business leaders, government officials, and public audiences in over 15 countries. She works with innovative leaders to shape their company’s culture, including Google, Facebook, Hewlitt-Packard, Yahoo, and Disney.

Laura co-authored four books including Enhancing Emotional Intelligence, Mindful Leaders, Thrive, and Mindful. Her recent article on high performing teams was published in Harvard Business Review. She was trained at Stanford, Boston University, and Harvard.


Before joining Choosing Happiness, Ted Anstedt was the Founder and CEO of Merit Training, Inc., a change management company. For over 20 years Ted’s firm worked with companies like Bank of America and Scotiabank to fuel personal and organizational growth. Merit was sold in 1999. Throughout his career, Ted has specialized in assisting Fortune 500 companies to achieve their strategic objectives more effectively through higher levels of employee engagement and behavior change. Ted’s programs are currently being used in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Ted received his BA and MA at Stanford University and is currently the co-instructor of the popular Stanford Continuing Studies series of courses on Positive Psychology and its applications to individuals and organizations.



Laura is Chief Learning Officer at Wisdom Labs. Wisdom Labs delivers digital solutions to enhance mindfulness in organizations. These programs are evidence-based, highly practical, and scalable across large organizations. Featured clients include Starbucks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ford Motor Company, and Salesforce.

These digital learning programs leverage neuroscience, mindfulness, and behavior change models to make wellbeing and resilience the default in the workplace.


Gayle has taught yoga around the world for over 20 years. She specializes in designing yoga practices combined with inner discovery to help people stretch in both body and mind and live their fullest potential.

Choosing Happiness and Exotic Yoga Retreats partner to offer Happiness + Yoga Retreats. In a holistic approach to happiness, we blend the worlds of yoga and science-based techniques. In boutique hotels, eco-villas, yachts and other creative venues around the world, our Happiness + Yoga Retreats open hearts and minds to see the world differently.


Daniel delivers experiential learning programs for corporate retreats. Daniel’s Fortune 500 repeat clients include American Express, Genentech, IBM, Intel Education, Oracle, and Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Choosing Happiness and Daniel Phoenix partner to deliver unique, fun, and creative out of the box experiential adventures and a paradigm-shifting, skill-building workshops customized to the team’s objectives.


Choosing Happiness and Innovation Lab team-up on the European shores to create events, conferences and trainings on happiness in the workplace.

Innovation Lab is Scandinavia’s first and largest innovation think tank, with 40 employees. They have an international network of experts translating scope and impact of emerging technologies into viable business models, implementable concepts, and organizational redesigns. Their team of 40 employees help companies turn the digital world-view into new business, products and organizational formats. Clients include Samsung, Google, Mars, Siemens, Novo, Maersk, and IKEA.


BERNIE WONG – Our Head Teaching Assistant, graduated as a Psychology and Sociology double-major from UC Berkeley in May of 2013. He has conducted positive psychology research and was the editorial assistant for the Greater Good Science Center for four years. He taught a peer counseling course and mentored incoming undergraduate students at Cal. He currently works as a program assistant at HopeLab, a nonprofit that works to promote human resilience and well-being.

TIFFANY CHHAY – Tiffany is a psychology Master’s student as well as a teaching and research associate at Stanford University. She is currently working on her Master’s thesis about the effectiveness of happiness intervention courses. Tiffany has a passion for positive psychology and has been a member of the teaching and research team since the summer of 2013. She loves working with others and helping them cultivate a more meaningful and happy life.